Sen. Grassley Town Hall Jam Packed in Iowa Falls

Chuck Grassley received a question from an Afghan man who asked him for help to stay in the USA in the face of the Trump administration's immigration executive order.

FALLS, Iowa- Several deputies from the Hardin County Sheriff's Office were on hand Tuesday as Senator Chuck Grassley attended a heated town hall meeting at the Iowa Falls Fire Department. He hasn't had many opportunities to discuss that at town hall meetings, so "I think that was a good thing to hear from people". Grassley said, before he was interrupted by the audience. During this week's recess, hundreds of Republicans have chose to skip their normal February town halls fearing angry crowds of voters like those who showed up at Jason Chaffetz' town hall in Utah earlier this month. Judging from the comments and questions during the hour-long forum, most did not support his re-election last fall to a seventh term.

Topics the senator was asked about include: The Affordable Care Act, Supreme Court Justice nominee, gun rights, and the new U.S. Secretary of Education.

"We have a responsibility to have dialogue with our constituents", Grassley told reporters later. After the meeting, Grassley answered questions from the assembled media about the tone of the meeting.

"It's nothing compared to 2009", he said.

Chris Peterson, 62, told the senator that he has diabetes and that he would not be able to afford health insurance if not for the Affordable Care Act. "Who is going stand behind me and save me here?" he asked. Grassley said he would help Niazy, the Des Moines Register reported.

"The only time I need Tums is when I have chocolate ice cream before I go to bed", Grassley said.

  • Larry Hoffman