Scenes from anti-Trump 'Not My President's Day' rallies in Philly, nationwide

On this Presidents' Day, which celebrates the achievements of America's past leaders, thousands of protesters rallied to send a message of defiance to the current president.

Those words have comprised a consistent mantra among Trump opponents ever since he defeated Hillary Clinton 15 weeks ago.

According to Reuters, protesters filled at least eight city blocks as they chanted, "He cheats, he lies, open up your eyes" near Trump International Hotel. Almost 50,000 New Yorkers indicated online that they would participate in the event.

"I am trying to demonstrate as much as possible until I figure out what else to do", said Wolfram, who held a sign that said "Old white ladies are really displeased".

"I hope that we keep the resistance going", Esparza said.

Many Trump supports said he is a relatable president, and hopes that others change their views. "Nyet!" - a reference to Trump's desire to improve USA relations with Russian Federation.

Organizers said they chose to rally on the holiday as a way to honor past presidents by exercising their constitutional right to assemble and peacefully protest.

Marta Esparza of Chino Hills, who wore an American flag bow-tie to the event, said she was marching in hopes of supporting the rights of LGBT people and of immigrants living in the USA without authorization.

Outside Los Angeles City Hall, hundreds more demonstrators rallying against Trump chanted: "Resist!"

"I was talking to my good friend and said we should do something for Presidents day, lets get a flag and a sign and come out here", Schmitz said.

To join the 3,500 people attending the rally in Chicago, head to the northeast corner of Wabash Street and Wacker Drive, which is across from the Trump Tower.

Most students, school employees, and government workers took Monday off work due to the federal holiday. However, protesters and police reportedly clashed in Portland, Oregon, and several arrests were made.

On February 20th, Americans celebrate George Washington's birthday - the first president of the United States - making this day the flawless opportunity to stand "in solidarity and unity" to "refuse to honor" Trump. Demonstrators in DC held signs that read "Happy President's Day President Putin" and "My President?"

"We don't want to pick an issue", Hartman said.

  • Larry Hoffman