Richard Linklater Directs PSA Against Texas Bathroom Bill

Passage of the North Carolina measure led companies, conferences and concerts to shun that state. "6 portray the bill as a "common sense" protection of "common decency", Terri Burke, executive director of the ACLU of Texas, said in a statement Monday, according to the San Antonio Current.

If passed, students at public schools will only be allowed to use restrooms or locker rooms that correspond with their biological sex, which the bill defines as the physical condition of being male or female or the sex on a person's birth certificate.

"T$3 his isn't a privacy issue", a middle-aged woman says as she tears a piece off a roll of toilet paper before passing it on to a young woman in the next stall, who says: "And we can take care of ourselves". "It's a discrimination issue".

As part of the "I Pee With LGBT" campaign, the ad argues against the assertion that the law would improve privacy and safety.

The letter, like similar petitions signed by artists and sports teams suggesting they would not perform in Texas should the bill pass, is also a thinly veiled threat. "Just ask North Carolina".

Opponents of a Texas bill that would force transgender people out of bathrooms that match their gender identity are fighting back by asking Texans to "pee with LGBT".

The investors sent a letter on Tuesday voicing their disapproval of the efforts to Gov. Greg Abbott, who has voiced support of the bill that is being heavily promoted by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. "There's nothing decent about a proposed law that would exclude transgender people from public spaces or bar them from participating in public life".

  • Larry Hoffman