PDA Not Illegal, Says Kerala Police Chief After Moral Policing By Staffers

Well, a couple from Kerala used social media to protest against moral policing by the cops.

The lover couple was initially warned and later taken into custody after allegedly sitting in an "indecent" position. When asked about what vulgarism we are showing, they called someone on phone and said we are kissing.

Vishnu and his friend Arathy were sitting at the museum premise when suddenly two women police barged in and accused them of indulging in immoral activities in public. Irked by the questioning, the two live streamed the incident on Facebook.

Police is a law enforcement agency, it is not the moral keeper of the society.

The video posted by Vishnu on Facebook is spreading far and wide, with over 65,000 views within a few hours since it was posted. To this, Vishnu demanded to know what we had done wrong. The parents of the couple were also summoned by police at the station. If not, this was not the place for us, said the officers.

"In our country we impose self-restrain on Public Display of Affection (PDA) due to our culture and tradition", writes the chief, "though there is no legal ban for PDA".

The cops took the couple to the police station, where they were fined Rs 200 for indulging in "public nuisance". "Whatever the police did can not be justified", said Vishnu. "I questioned them back on what grounds they were ill treating us but we did not get a proper retort" said Arathy to Evartha.

The youngsters, who are not married, were questioned by police on Tuesday, when they were sitting in the museum park here, for being seated "indecently".

"We just warned them as the couple showed some obscene gestures". In fact, on various occasion, it is the law enforcement agencies, like the Police which try to moral police young couples.

  • Arturo Norris