Lindsay Lohan asked to remove headscarf at Heathrow airport

The former child star also opened up about a recent racial profiling she experienced at London's Heathrow Airport while she was on the way to NY. "And I did, it's okay". "How would another woman, who isn't comfortable taking off her headscarf, feel?" said Lindsay.

When Reid asked the Parent Trap star why she was wearing the headscarf, she said it was "out of respect" for the Turkish women she had met with on her trip.

Actor Lindsay Lohan has said she was "racially profiled" for wearing a headscarf at a London airport.

Speaking about pictures of her carrying a Koran, Lohan said: "I find a solace in studying, not just the Koran, other religion".

The actress shied away from confirming rumours that she has converted to Islam, saying that she was interested in studying the Quran. Appearing on Tuesday's Good Morning Britain, the 30-year-old recalled moment she was told to take off the clothing as she was going through security.

"We just finished the sizzle reel for a show I'm producing and created with my business partner called 'Nerd.' I basically, we'll go to someone and I hijack their social media for 24 hours and their phones and their tweets". Lohan continued. "That was really interesting to me".

"I did with Oprah on the phone last night", Lohan replied.

Whether or not she asked to remove the scarf, Lohan would not have been required to comply according to the British government's airport rights. She added that her sister is Buddhist and that any religion is a personal belief.

The Parent Trap actress explained she removed the item and said: "It was ok".

"I think also at the time when I was being hounded by paparazzi it was the beginning of this era". Lohan explained that the Islamic culture feels like "family" to her.

"It's a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn", she told the Daily Mail.

The former wild child-turned-activist shared posts on her newly-cleansed Instagram about the "dream" visit, where they spoke about the Syrian refugee crisis.

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