Facebook in talks to stream Major League Baseball games

Earlier Wednesday, Walt Disney (DIS)- and MLB Advanced Media-backed streaming technology company BAMTech named as its new CEO Amazon.com (AMZN) digital video exec Michael Paull.

Sports Media Consultant Lee Berke told Reuters that Facebook would aggressively go after sports content to up the competition. It made ideal sense that they finally went after name brand properties like the Major League Baseball.

According to a report from ESPN's Howard Bryant, Major League Baseball and the players' union have agreed on a plan to scrap current intentional walk rules and allow managers to signal from the dugout and automatically send the batter to first base. The partnership of Facebook and the Major League Baseball would give provide the latter more young fans. Twitter began streaming a weekly National Football League game on Thursday nights past year. Both representatives for Facebook and Major League Baseball remained silent as to the status of the spreading rumor.

The social media giant was also reportedly interested in partnering with the National Football League to live stream games previous year, but the league ended up striking a deal with Twitter to broadcast 10 Thursday night football games.

Facebook wants to sign deals with owners of sports rights to live stream games, going after an audience that competitor Twitter is also trying to capture.

While Twitter already has a contract with NFL, Facebook reportedly is looking for a more global alternative.

  • Larry Hoffman