Eric Church cancels 25K tickets bought by scalpers

If you're a fan of country music star Eric Church, he's got your back.

While Church has previously canceled tickets held by suspected scalpers in the past, this is by far, the largest swing he's taken at speculators. Previously purchased tickets for his tour dates in Canada - which begins with a February 28 show in London, Ontario - have already been released, while more tickets for shows in Washington and OR are slated to go on sale on February 27.

Fielding Logan, one of Church's managers, said in a statement the process of identifying the scalped tickets, canceling orders and putting them back up for sale wasn't easy: "It's time consuming and labor intensive to comb through almost one million tickets".

"They buy thousands of tickets across the US, not just mine, and they end up making a fortune", Church said in an interview with Associated Press.

Church's management team said it uses a proprietary program to identify and release scalper tickets, allowing the singer/songwriter to maintain his promise of "ensuring his fans' hard-earned money is spent fairly on face-value tickets at each and every stop on his 60-plus city Holdin' My Own Tour".

The statement also said Church was hopeful fans would be able to buy face value tickets from venues' official websites when tickets are released.

In a press release about anti-scalping effort, a Church associate called scalpers "vultures".

In a report previous year, investigators in New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office cited a single broker that bought 1,012 tickets within one minute to a U2 concert at Madison Square Garden when they went on sale on December 8, 2014, despite the vendor's claim of a four-ticket limit. "It was important to us to invest time into evaluating and redesigning the ticket buying process and build the technology to level the playing field".

"You come at us, we're going to go after you in return", Church said regarding scalpers, according to CBS News.

  • Julie Sanders