Couple Refuses To Remove Racial Slur Graffiti From Home

Lindsay said that her home has been vandalized multiple times and that at least three neighbors have yelled the n-word at her husband, Lexene Charles, who is black.

Police already checked the few security cameras in use on the side street but found nothing. A police chief tells NBC New York that the couple could face arrest after the city issued a blight citation, meaning Lindsay and Charles face a $100 fine for each day the slur remains visible.

Crosland is calling on the Stamford Police Department to conduct a full investigation of the hateful vandalism and to assure the couple of their safety.

Neighbors have complained that the graffiti's presence has disturbed an otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

As of Tuesday, the running fine was $3,700. I hope not. I'm assuming they are people from somewhere else, I hope. Authorities plan to canvass the neighborhood to ensure the couple is safe. They learned about it when officers showed up because a neighbor spotted it and called police. "I don't even know if this situation has a case number yet, and I think that is an affront to all of us", Crosland says.

Heather Lindsay, who is white, said that she will not remove the slur until authorities "do their job" and "not just cover it up and sweep it under the table as they have done in the past". "But we've heard from people there who would like to see the graffiti removed", Stamford Director of Safety Thaddeus K. Jankowski said Tuesday.

"The incident that occurred is disgusting and it is something the Stamford Police Department continues to have under investigation", Jankowski said.

"In light of Stamford being an incredibly diverse city, residents would be hard-pressed to recall another racially motivated incident like this in the last 20 to 30 years in Stamford", the three said in the statement.

The NAACP witnesses these types of incidents across the country, but when it happens in the city where the Stamford NAACP serves, we have to take it personally.

  • Larry Hoffman