Cops: Hunters' friendly fire, not immigrant "ambush", to blame for shooting

A Presidio County sheriff's deputy responded to the January 6 shooting at Circle Dug Ranch, near the border community of Candelaria, where he found Daugherty and Edwin Roberts with gunshot wounds, the station reports.

Walker Daugherty and Michael Bryant - both of whom are guides with Redwing Outfitters, which promises "a Christian atmosphere, fun hardworking professional guides and a ton of enthusiasm" - were indicted on charges of using deadly conduct by by discharging firearms in the direction of others, San Antonio's KTSA reported.

Two hunters accused in a shooting on a remote Texas ranch near the Mexican border had told authorities that they were attacked by immigrants who had entered the country illegally.

A hunting guide and his client accidentally shot each other and then blamed it on undocumented migrants, police in the United States have said.

Investigators believe the gunfire was sparked when Daugherty thought undocumented immigrants were inside the RV that Roberts and his wife were staying in during a hunting trip, attempting to kidnap them.

Their tale had been shared on social media thousands of times after a Donald Trump Ally, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller, posted about it in his Facebook page.

Walker hightailed it back to his cabin where he grabbed his gun and got backup from Michael.

An investigation concluded that Daugherty shot Roberts and Bryant shot Daugherty, the sheriff told the TV station, adding that the incident was nothing but a friendly fire.

Mr Daughtery and Mr Bryant have both been indicted on third-degree felony charges, punishable by up to five years in prison.

Although the area is well known for undocumented migrants from Mexico crossing over the border, Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez said he had never seen violence like the alleged incident before.

Mr Dominguez added that it took emergency services almost two hours to arrive at the remote ranch, but fortunately one of the men's wives was a nurse and was able to keep both men from bleeding out.

Daugherty, 26, who was shot in the stomach, said he had no health insurance and a GoFundMe page established in his name raised more than $26,000. He wrote the attack was another reason why a wall must be built along the border.

  • Larry Hoffman