Argentine and Barcelona super star Lionel Messi to visit Egypt today

Messi, named the world's best player for a record five times, toured the pyramids of Giza, a Wonder of the Ancient World, shortly after landing in Cairo.

Argentinean footballer Lionel Messi will finally visit Egypt on Tuesday for a campaign to fight hepatitis C, a visit that was postponed in the aftermath of Barcelona's scathing ChampIOns league defeat to PSG on Tuesday last week.

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism pins hope on Messi's "historic visit" to be one of the steps towards enhancing the tourism sector in Egypt that has been suffering recession over the past few years due to political turmoil and relevant security issues.

"Such visits by global public figures, undoubtedly, work in favor of Egypt and serve its tourism sector significantly", said the Egyptian ministry in a statement.

Egypt's efforts in combating the disease have been praised by the World Health Organization (WHO), after a state-run campaign treated almost one million Egyptians from Hepatitis C between 2015 and 2017.

Official statistics revealed that the number of patients with hepatitis C in Egypt ranged between 9-15 million. This can result in inflammation and significant damage to the liver. The country is considered to have the highest rate of infection; with 10 per cent of Egyptians, almost nine million people having contracted the disease.

  • Leroy Wright