Will 'La La' land most Oscars?

Who should or shouldn't have won?

The popular "La La Land" seems on its way to dominating the 89th annual Academy Awards this weekend. It helps that the role is a leading one and doesn't even belong in this category, but no matter.

The film is also the betting favourite in nine categories, including Best Director for Damien Chazelle and Best Actress for Emma Stone. My prediction is that Dev Patel will win for his performance in "Lion" by reason of educated removal.

In other categories, Casey Affleck has the best odds at 29/50 to win Best Actor for his performance in Manchester by the Sea. Stone is vulnerable, ever so slightly, to Isabelle Huppert in "Elle", who has gotten her fair share of awards this season as well.

Furthermore, only one film in the 25 nominated had a senior playing the lead, with Michael Keaton doubling up on both Birdman and Spotlight, both of which took home the Academy's biggest prize on Oscar night. The actor's branch is the largest voting block of the Academy, however, and the SAG awards can not really be ignored. From feel-good inspiring films like "Fences" and "Hidden Figures" to masterful dramas such as "Moonlight", "Manchester by the Sea" and "Hacksaw Ridge", to sci-fi film "Arrival" and musical "La La Land", there are some wonderful films on the list for this year's awards.

11 - record that "La La Land" has to beat to win the most Oscars in a single year. He deserves to win.

"La La Land" has become a massive favorite to win Best Picture (along with several other awards), while supporting actors Mahershala Ali ("Moonlight") and Viola Davis ("Fences") should definitely have their acceptance speeches ready. True, there has been a small backlash recently against the picture, but I think this valentine to all things Hollywood is nearly too hard for the majority of voters to pass by.

La La Land has the most nominations this year with 14. Look also for its talented director, Damian Chazelle, to scoop up the director prize and make history as its youngest victor.

  • Salvatore Jensen