Who Is Maia, Diane's Goddaughter on 'The Good Fight'?

But I can't help but be grateful that Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski), one of the standout lawyers from "The Good Wife", is returning to television on February 19 in a spinoff called "The Good Fight" that will air on CBS's new streaming service, CBS All Access. Maia, like Diane, has her world turned upside down by the Rindell Fund scandal, and her parents - Henry (Paul Guilfoyle) and Lenore (Bernadette Peters) - aren't the most reliable sources of information about who's responsible for what, especially after the reveal at the end of Episode 2 that Lenore's carrying on an affair with Henry's brother (Tom McGowan).

Maia, who is a young lawyer, has had her reputation tarnished due to a huge financial scam that also emptied the savings account of her godmother, Diane.

As for her on-screen persona, Baranski said she "loved the character", making it easier for her continue portraying Diane, adding that "For an actress at this point in my career, to play a character, a female character as smart and as elegant as Diane... there's a kind of integrity to her".

The premiere of The Good Fight scored a 0.7 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic and was watched by 7.16 million viewers, according to TV by the Numbers. But Baranski is one of the best actors we have on TV, and she makes you see through the glittery surface to the blows Diane has suffered - to her pride and her sense of self-worth as well as to her economic security. But the show implies that there may be more to her decision this.

That new place is the African-American firm of Reddick, Boseman, Kolstad & Assoc., headed up by Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) and Barbara Kolstad (Erica Tazel). No toxicity will follow her there, Boseman tells her with a dagger behind his smile, because the invitation-only investment scheme "never invited black folk".

This case introduces us to two of the show's important characters: Lucca Quinn (Cush Jumbo), who started working at the law firm Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad after her partner Alicia chose to leave the legal field; and the dapper-as-hell Adrian Boseman, a named partner at Lucca's firm.

"We are on a necessary side", Diane replies. If The Good Fight's audience shares the same political leanings as The Good Wife's audience, they can probably empathize with that reaction. Activism? The law, when it's financially beneficial according to an algorithm? It's a little surprising, because The Good Fight only has 10 episodes for its first season, and the Kings routinely grumped about having to pad seasons of The Good Wife, so devoting a lot of narrative real estate to a case of the week in the second episode seems like an odd choice. This first case, for example, is set between a retail employee who was forced into a confession of theft that would garnish his wages.

There are so many questions that we have for this, but the biggest one is really so simple as whether or not this is an experiment that is going to actually work.

Where will "The Good Fight" air? Maia will have the honor of being Diane's final mentee. Right now "The Good Fight" feels fresh, a familiar favorite room swept clean of dust and debris. The Good Fight can have things to say, and since it's on a streaming service and not a broadcast network, it may be able to say them more loudly and with more verve than it might otherwise have been able to.

  • Salvatore Jensen