Watch Dogs 2 DLC Expansion: Here's What We Know So Far

On Feb. 21, PlayStation 4 players will be able to get the "Human Conditions" downloadable content pack for "Watch Dogs 2", and developers recently detailed the new additions it brings to the game. It has more style, humor, and charisma than its predecessor, and doing so made it an incredibly enjoyable game to play.

Human Conditions includes three new story missions: Automata, Bad Medicine, and Caustic Progress. Developers included the recent patch 1.11 to prepare Watch Dogs 2 for its upcoming downloadable content on February 21, 2017. As for PC and Xbox One owners, you have to wait until March 23rd, 2017 in order to download this new DLC.

Check out the trailer for the new content below.

Bad Medicine follows the trail of a unsafe ransomware that has crippled the city's hospitals; as Marcus and his crew dig deeper to stop this menace, they will cross paths with deadly hitman Jordi Chin and form an unlikely alliance against the Russian mafia.

Also included in the DLC are new Elite co-op missions, which test more experienced players with "bigger layouts" and "advanced challenges", as well as a new enemy type called the Jammer.

In Automata, Marcus faces off with internet company Nudie and its new self-driving vehicles. Shortly afterwards, players began to find new graffiti scattered around Oakland, and in these locations they could hear odd noises. These enemies' anti-hack devices are capable of disabling your own hacking abilities, meaning you'll have to switch up your strategies from time to time. Marcus Holloway and his DedSec crew will have new villains to hunt.

  • Carolyn Briggs