Waitress drags goanna from Australian restaurant by the tail

French waitress Samia Lila, 25, dealing with the large goanna after it was spotted in the Mimosa Winery restaurant.

"I recently told her a story about a goanna trapped in our shower and how I picked it up by the tail and carried it outside", he said.

"Everyone was screaming, so I started screaming too!" Check out the awesome video below posted to Facebook by the restaurant on Sunday after this huge goanna chose to see what was on their menu, to the shock of diners.

It shows how the reptile jerked its head back to try to get out of her grip, as she manoeuvres past eight tables.

While some commenters on the video have noted that dragging a goanna by its tail is cruel, Lila said she was trying to be gentle in removing the intruder.

Footage of the goanna wrangler was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, and has already been viewed more than 200,000 times.

"I like reptiles, I think he is a really attractive creature [and] I didn't want to hurt him", she said.

She thought the animal was a dog at first when it appeared at the Mimosa Winery in New South Wales, Australia and started to approach a group of people dining.

'I wasn't scared, I like reptiles so was a bit excited'.

The Normandy resident said she did not expect the video to go viral at all.

You go, Goanna Girl!

  • Salvatore Jensen