"Unexpected" Overwatch Character to be Revealed

Since Sombra's release, and for some time after Overwatch launched, the game contained many hints that Doomfist - a character referenced in CG videos and in-game lore - is going to be the next hero.

While it had become more or less widely accepted the next and 24th Overwatch hero would be Doomfist, Kaplan's words suggest this may not be the case.

According to Kaplan, the next hero coming to the game "is not who you think it is". It's the equivalent of having a sand castle all washed up, and having nothing else to build a new sand castle with.

Who would you like to see as the next hero in Overwatch? But while we assumed he would be the next Overwatch hero, Blizzard appears to have other plans. I suppose it will have to be a complete and total surprise. It's more of a prioritization issue. That's linked to the idea that Greek actor Alex Malao would be playing the next hero after he listed Overwatch on his CV. However, the studio opted to remain tight-lipped regarding their new plans for Season 4 except for Jeff Kaplan confirming that it will come with new tweaks. On the listing - which has since been removed - he lists Overwatch as a title he has done voice work on for the character "Greek".

Again, there's no guarantee that this "Greek" character will be the next one to be added to the game's roster as it looks like developers are trying harder to keep important revelations such as that under wraps as much as they can ahead of their official announcements.

In a question about emotes, Kaplan explains that "we have multiple new heroes being worked on" as posters descend in it a frenzy of speculation and, to some extent, denial. Just how exactly that hero will be remains up in the air, though we're hoping for another Omnic unit to keep Zenyatta company.

  • Arturo Norris