The Rock Phones CM Punk After RAW Goes Off The Air

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wasn't featured during Monday Night Raw at Staples Center, but the Los Angeles crowd still got to see him when he called CM Punk from the ring.

Yes, production has begun on Fighting With My Family, and writer/director Stephen Merchant, The Rock and the cast are in Los Angeles to film at the Staples Center during tonight's episode of Raw.

It's thought the moment was set up for a scene in the film and any fears it was true were allayed after the show when the 44-year-old actually made his way into the ring.

The Rock then held the phone up to the crowd as they loudly chanted "CM Punk". He mentioned Paige and also took a shot at John Cena as he announced, "John Cena is in the movie".

We've been bringing you a lot of news over the past week about the movie The Rock is producing based on WWE Superstar Paige and her family. After Raw, the film's producers recreated a match between Paige and AJ Lee for the movie.

A stream of The Rock's full appearance can be FOUND HERE or watch the voicemail clip below.

  • Julie Sanders