Pakistan moves towards Afghan Border with heavy artillery

Pakistan has shut down two key border points with Afghanistan. Islamabad says the Islamist militants who carried out the deadly attack came from Afghanistan.

Emphasising that Pakistan desires lasting peace in Afghanistan, Fatemi highlighted Pakistan's continued efforts for strengthening engagement with the Afghan government to enhance cooperation in diverse areas, including fight against terrorism, the ministry said. "The Friendship Gate at Pak-Afghan border [has been] sealed for [an] indefinite period", security officials were quoted as saying.

Earlier, Pakistan closed a border crossing at Torkham, which connects Pakistan to Afghanistan's Nangarhar province.

Afghanistan still refuses to hand over 76 suspected terrorists to Pakistan, further fueling tensions with its nuclear-armed neighbor.

India has been using Afghan soil to send terrorists into Pakistan to wreak havoc in the country, according to The Nation, which cites defense analyst Dr. Muhammad Khan. The attacks were being largely seen as a well-planned and orchestrated attempt to destabilise Pakistan as the country.

In the latest blast, more than 88 people have been martyred, over 50 severely injured and over 315 injured in a suicide bombing at the shrine of Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sindh's Sehwan town on 16 February 2017.

Please Wait while comments are loading. Pakistan rightly maintains that most of the groups fighting in Afghanistan were indigenous entities and there was a wrong perception that Pakistan in any way was helping them.

At least 108 innocent people embraced shahdit (martyred) and more than 414 injured in eight attacks of different areas in Pakistan. The Prime Minister had authorised the Army "to take out terrorists wherever they might be", he added.

Hundreds of Afghan citizens in Pakistan have been arrested. "If not, Afghanistan will not sit silent, but will use its internal, regional and worldwide power in response to Pakistan's actions", Faramarz Tamana, a high-ranking official at Afghanistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was quoted as saying by Afghanistan's TOLO News.

This caveat aside, essentially the United States has no problem with Pakistan conducting military operations inside Afghan territory - and it shouldn't, considering it felt the need to invade and occupy the country for over a decade - but wants Pakistan to coordinate with the Afghans to avoid an unwanted military confrontation.

  • Leroy Wright