Loose cow in Queens, NY gives police a run for their money

Media outlets are livestreaming the cow as it barnstorms through Queens.

A cow was on the loose in Queens, New York on Tuesday. It also follows the heroic efforts of two llamas who ran through the streets in Arizona in 2015.

The Queens Police Department got a call about a cow on the run around 10:45 a.m.

The bull was seen running away from police and down the street. They had reportedly sedated the animal with darts, and were trying to get the slaughterhouse workers to come retrieve it.

Last year, a steer named Frank similarly fled a slaughterhouse in Jamaica and was eventually captured near the CUNY College campus.

This happened with one of their cows once before.

A loose cow running through the streets of Queens, New York, drew a huge police response Tuesday morning.

The cow appeared exhausted by about 12:15 p.m., settling in the middle of a street as officers armed with tranquilizer equipment tried - and failed - once again to take the animal into custody. It wouldn't be for almost two hours until police finally captured the black bovine in a person's backyard.

  • Leroy Wright