Kris Jenner calls filming 'KUWTK' 'therapeutic' for Kim Kardashian

Her comeback was so eagerly awaited that when she deletes a photo it raises suspicion. The momager has indeed seized his account Instagram to post a photo souvenir of her in the company of the bimbo blonde dating from 2002.

She spent two days discussing the terrifying ordeal, which took place during Paris Fashion Week last October. That is why it's not really surprising to learn that she recently announced her plans of getting her stretch marks removed on Snapchat.

The Keeping With The Kardashian's stars were joined by Kim's husband Kanye West and her son Saint as they spent time in Something's Fishy in Woodland Hills, California. The photo highlighted one pair that was perched on top of a box while the rest of the boxes occupied an entire wall. Kim Kardashian has remained positive that she may be able to get her diamond ring back through the help of French police. Aside from Kim, her sisters Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie Jenner have all faced surgery rumors. After the incident, the social media-crazed TV personality was noticeably absent online for several months.

Need more reality star moments in your life? "It was such an upsetting time when something so very bad happened to somebody that you love so much".

Pictures from the room show the gag and duct tape used on the reality star, while one picture shows the unmade bed in her hotel room as well as a tie that was reportedly used to gag Kim during the attack.

The surveillance footage revealed the faces of the suspects who convened in a cafe three miles away from where Kim Kardashian was staying when she was robbed. This comes weeks after ongoing investigations over the matter.

French authorities have arrested 16 people in connection with the crime, including Kardashian's Paris limo driver.

The rap star had his own fashion collection displayed in NY earlier this month - to a mixed reception.

"The first episode you're going to see is when the girls were in Miami, doing something with the Dash stores, and then the Paris incident happened", she said.

Kanye, 39, topped a white graphic tee and navy blue track trousers with a denim jacket covered in floral embroidery, while Kim, 36, wore one of her favorite brown fur coats over a sheer black tee, matching Yeezy trousers and lace-up booties.

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