Kings Trade DeMarcus Cousins To Pelicans

The early word is that the Sacramento Kings are receiving Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, and two draft picks in return.

New Orleans seems to be the big victor in the Cousins trade to the Pelicans. He earned NBA Rookie of the Year honors and averaged 17.5 points in four seasons with Sacramento before being sent to New Orleans in 2013. He has not been able to reach that level since.

Galloway averaged 8.6 points in 55 games for the Pelicans after spending his first two seasons with the New York Knicks. He hasn't started any of the 26 games he's played this year.

Following the blockbuster trade that saw DeMarcus Cousins land with the Pelicans, John Calipari is already shooting down rumors he'll be coaching in New Orleans. He was the must-see player, the only must-see player, on a team that hasn't been "must-see" in well over a decade.

With the Nets reportedly fielding calls and gauging interest in Brook Lopez as Thursday's trade deadline approaches, what does Sunday's DeMarcus Cousins deal do for Lopez's value or Brooklyn's odds of trading him? Cousins does not become a free agent until after the 2017-18 season. At the end of the day however, the Kings were supposed to use Cousins, either through trade or keeping him as the centerpiece of the franchise, as the first big step towards serious title contention. The Pelicans are now ninth in the draft order, and should move later in the draft with the win-loss improvement Cousins should bring. He was candid in saying the Kings aren't a better team after the trade, but that the move was made with an eye on the future. They will receive the Pelicans' 2017 first-round pick, as well as a 2017 second-round pick the Pelicans had via Philly. Even still, it's not much of a saving grace.

The deal pairs the 6-foot-11 Cousins, a frontcourt All-Star from nearby Mobile, Ala., with 6-11 Anthony Davis, who was the 2017 All-Star MVP after scoring 52 points, breaking Wilt Chamberlain's 1962 record of 42 points. It showed, for at least one night, what the team could look like without its best player - one who dominated the team.

Heck, it's possible the Kings on-court play improves getting a more balanced (emotionally too, lol) roster, but it's no matter: the Kings want to be bad, right now.

  • Julie Sanders