Jeremy Corbyn: Media to blame for Labour poll woes

The survey, of more than 2,000 people between 17 and 19 February, put the Tories on 44% (+2) and Labour on 26% (-1) - the highest lead for the Conservatives since 1983, when Michael Foot's Labour lost tens of seats against Margaret Thatcher. UKIP were on 13% and the Liberal Democrats on 8%.

Corbyn is expected to call on MPs to continue their campaigning up to the last moment in Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central, where Labour is embroiled in a close fight with the Tories and UKIP respectively.

"But Copeland is not a so-called safe Labour seat, it has been held - by and large - mostly by small majorities and then there are other challenges in Stoke".

With Theresa May making a surprise trip to Stoke on Monday, Labour hopes that the Tory and UKIP vote will be split enough to let the party hang on.

The Labour leader said his party was more successful at getting its message across on social media sites instead.

Even a marginal Labour victory would signal humiliation for Corbyn.

"I'm confident the polls will improve", she added.

The findings prompted a warning from left-wing author and columnist Owen Jones.

Labour's shadow home secretary said that the opposition party is "hopeful" of retaining its seats in Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent Central, but she dismissed the prospect of a leadership change if they lose either contest.

Ms Abbott, speaking on Sky News' Sophy Ridge on Sunday, said: " These are hard by-elections, they're going to be quite tight. "As soon as the government goes to Brussels over Brexit they will be confronted with the reality of 27 countries briefing against it and I think the internal dissension within the Tory party will be exacerbated by that", the source said. The point about the polls is you've had almost a year of a sustained campaign against Jeremy and the Labour party, both in the media and sadly a few of our MPs.

"For people who've been opposed to Jeremy from the very beginning - I'm not one of them - I think we have to move forward".

Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour MPs the two crucial byelections that will be held in Labour-held seats on Thursday are "on a knife-edge".

"This has got worse in recent months, with new members more likely to come from cities, often home owners in well-paid jobs".

  • Leroy Wright