Israel arrests Arab citizen for plotting IS attacks: Shin Bet

He comes from the Arab Israeli town of Tayibe in central Israel, which is not to be confused with the Palestinian village of the same name.

Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) along with the police announced on Monday the recent arrest of an Israeli-Arab citizen on suspicion of planning a terror attack in Israel as well as contacting the Islamic State terror group in Syria.

"He was arrested in the wake of intelligence information that indicated he was working to advance terrorist activities within the State of Israel", the Shin Bet said in a statement. Haj Yehiye swore allegiance to ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and was recruiting others for the formation of an ISIS terror cell within Israel, according to the Shin Bet.

Haj Yehiye was asked to carry out an attack on a bus in Tel Aviv against IDF soldiers, but the plans were never executed. He considered going to Syria to join terror groups there, but instead made a decision to form an ISIS cell in Israel and began recruiting others.

Israel's State Attorney's Office for the Central District on Monday filed an indictment against Haj Yehiye in Central District Court in Tel Aviv.

It was also revealed that Haj Yehiye had been a member of an online group in which other ISIS operatives were members. Homemade explosive devices, as well as the Islamic State's "Detailed Guide for the Jihadist", were found in a search of his home. Enas Haj-Yahia reportedly had ties to the Islamic State that included distributing instructions for making explosive devices and toxins like Sarin gas to use with the devices, and was an active recruiter for the ISIS terrorists.

  • Leroy Wright