Customers Flock Small French Diner After Being Awarded An Accidental Michelin Star

A humble French restaurant was "swamped" with customers after it was awarded a coveted Michelin star by mistake.

Michelin stars are considered the most prestigious gong in the restaurant business, with only a few select eateries around the world afforded three.

A builders' cafe in France was inundated with new customers after it was accidentally listed as having a Michelin star by the awarding body's website. The four waiters were also worked off since the mistake happened. The mistake nearly took a week for it to be corrected and given to the right restaurant.

Regulars pay €12.50 (£10) for homemade beef bourguignon, munching it over red-and-white polka dot tablecloths.

Jacquet, who seemed to be enjoying her 15 minutes of fame, said humbly she has "a small brasserie open from Monday to Friday, serving workers, so nothing to do with a gourmet restaurant".

Claire Dorland-Clauzel, a director at Michelin explained the gaffe to Le Parisien, saying: "This is a technical mistake on a map".

The incident happened because there's a restaurant with the same name at Boutervilliers, Essonne and coincidentally also at Route de la Chapelle. That restaurant serves calf's brain, lobster flan and chocolate pear crisp.

Chef Aymeric Dreux took the mistake in his stride: "It was a little boo-boo that caused no harm and was corrected".

Jacquet's cook Penelope Salmon, asked whether she ever dreamed of earning a Michelin star, said: "No, not at all".

  • Leroy Wright