CCTV footage of Kim Jong-nam's death, now on YouTube

A Malaysian foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday that their Pyongyang ambassador had been recalled "for consultations".

Malaysian authorities said Sunday they are cooperating with Interpol in the investigation.

He is the first North Korean to be arrested in connection with the case, after detectives detained a 25-year-old Indonesian woman named Siti Aishah and her Malaysian boyfriend, along with a woman carrying a Vietnamese passport identifying her as Doan Thi Huong, 28.

There is also speculation that China's patience with North Korea could be tested by the killing, as Kim Jong Nam had been living in the Chinese-controlled territory of Macau.

Tito Karnavian, the National Police Chief of Indonesia, told reporters in Kuala Lumpur: "Such an action was done three or four times and they were given a few dollars for it, and with the last target, Kim Jong-nam, allegedly there were risky materials in the sprayer".

Later footage showed the portly, balding middle-aged man stumbling, wiping his face, and seeking help from people while gesturing to his eyes before being escorted to a clinic.

She also emphasised a link with North Korea as the date of the murder was close to the Feb 16 birthday of the late leader Kim Jong Il, father of Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Nam, and that Kim Jong Il's nephew Lee Han Young was shot dead on Feb 15, 1997.

Malaysian probers had "pinned the suspicion on us", Kang said, insisting that the two countries join forces to investigate.

North Korean diplomats in Malaysia objected to an autopsy and had requested custody of Kim Jong Nam's body, arguing that he had a North Korean passport.

Video footage has now emerged and been published by a Japanese newspaper which appears to show two women approach Kim from different directions as he stands at a ticket booth in the airport.

South Korean and United States officials believe Kim Jong Nam was killed by agents from the reclusive North, whose diplomats in Kuala Lumpur have sought to prevent an autopsy on the 46-year-old's body and demanded it be handed over.

Go added that the assassination could have been carried out in Malaysia because it carried the least political risk compared to either Macau, China or Singapore - places where Kim was previously seen.

-The investigation into the death of Kim Jong Nam is still ongoing.

Investigators are still looking for four North Korean men who arrived in Malaysia on different days beginning January 31 and flew out the same day as the attack.

South Korea has accused the North Korean government of the "act of terrorism", CNN reports.

  • Joanne Flowers