Boeing workers in SC reject efforts to unionize plant

At this point in his speech, President Trump reiterated is jobs agenda, saying, "This is our mantra, buy American and hire American". "It was an honor to be able to meet the president".

"I think a failed vote isn't that big of a deal because that's frankly the norm in the South", said Jeffrey Hirsch, law professor who specializes in labor relations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He was in the hangar to celebrate the roll-out of the new new Boeing 787-10 aircraft, made in North Charleston, South Carolina. "But we're going to make it the case again". Trump said he is entirely focused on jobs.

Fellow local Tony Pope piggybacked on Pratt's positive perspective of the event.

The key, Obama said, was to increase the manufacturing output of high-quality products and sell those goods overseas, something that would require fewer workers than in the past. "It's always good to see a matter what your thoughts are on (him)".

"There weren't any protestors anywhere around". McConnell said he frowns on the daily tweeting. "In the case of low-tech parts, they're looking for lower cost, but the strong majority of components come from high-skill, high-wage countries". Ex-Im has helped Boeing sell its 787 Dreamliners to airlines in countries such as Ethiopia, Poland and India in recent years.

McMaster, who last January became the first statewide office-holder to endorse the celebrity businessman from NY, giddily told the crowd Trump would make America "greater than ever before". "What an incredible piece of art, what an fantastic piece of work". At 224 feet long, the new jet is 18 feet longer than the previous 787-9 model and is 15 percent more fuel efficient than its competitors, the company says.

"The name says it all".

"Our goal as a nation must be to rely less on imports and more on products made here in the USA", Trump said.

As president-elect, Trump launched into a Twitter fight with the company and its chief executive, Dennis Muilenburg, over the cost of a new fleet of presidential airplanes that would be used as Air Force One. Trump said in a news conference Thursday that he was disappointed by how Flynn had treated Pence, but did not believe Flynn had done anything wrong by having the conversations.

But the Boeing 787 being celebrated by Trump also helps to validate Obama's description of changes in US manufacturing.

The 787 is made from parts supplied from all around the world, but Boeing says the -10 will be exclusively built at the plant in SC.

While protestors didn't turn out at Boeing, there were hundreds in various locations around the Charleston region, including the North Charleston Coliseum, where anti-Trump group Indivisible Charleston sponsored a rally.

  • Leroy Wright