Amazon Free Shipping Minimum Lowered

Disclosure: I own a small number of Amazon shares.

Those looking to a little Amazon shopping without dropping money on an Amazon Prime subscription could have an easier time avoiding mailing fees, as as the online retailer dropped the minimum price for free shipping. Without making any formal announcement about it, Amazon lowered its minimum requirement for free two-day shipping from $49 to $35.

To qualify, free shipping on orders must contain $35 among over 50 million applicable items of merchandise - or just $25 if it's exclusively books - and be shipped to the US. The company originally offered free shipping on qualifying orders of $25 or more, but this amount was increased to $35 back in 2013 and then increased again to $49 back in 2016. This minimum applies to shoppers who aren't Amazon Prime members. But there's a difference: Amazon's deliveries will take between five and eight business days to arrive, considerably longer than Walmart's promise of just a couple of days. To receive two-day shipping through Amazon on eligible items, you would need to become a Prime subscriber.

Walmart and Amazon are not the only retailers that offer free two-day shipping. But the online retail giant revealed in the past that it is in the "tens of millions". And a report by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ISLR) estimates that Amazon "captures almost one in every two dollars that Americans spend online".

  • Zachary Reyes