Airport killing seen on CCTV, probe strains Malaysia-North Korea ties

South Korea has accused the North of orchestrating the incident, saying on Monday it was evidence of North Korean "terrorism getting bolder".

"The medicolegal specimens were handed over to the Investigating Police Officer immediately after the post-mortem examination to be sent to accredited laboratories for analysis".

The North Korean Embassy later released a statement trying to raise doubts about whether the body was that of Kim, faulting the Malaysian authorities for "identifying the other name alleged by the hostile foreign forces". "But we will be objective and we expect them to understand that we apply the rule of law in Malaysia".

CCTV footage aired on Japanese television on Monday gave the first public glimpse of the apparent moment Jong-Nam was attacked at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Two women approach Kim from different directions; one comes up behind him and appears to hold something over his mouth for a few seconds.

The man is then seen talking to airport staff and apparently explaining to them what had happened, gesturing to his head.

The staff later led him to the airport clinic, where a picture released in Malaysian media shows him slumped in a chair.

South Korea says he was poisoned by two female assassins who fled in a taxi. "It seems the toxin in question is not one of them".

A North Korean man, a Vietnamese woman, and an Indonesian woman have already been arrested in connection with the assassination.

Seoul's top naval officer on Tuesday called for watertight vigilance against any possible North Korean provocation.

Senior North Korean officials may soon come to America for a meeting with former US officials, the first such meeting in over five years, reports The Washington Post.

Malaysia also recalled its envoy to Pyongyang after a spat erupted when North Korean demands to hand over the body of Kim Jong-nam were rejected, Aljazeera reported.

"If there is a change in venue, Malaysia will be ready to face their opponent", he told reporters at a briefing for the National Transformation (TN50) at the Youth and Sports Ministry, here today.

But if that self-serving action by Trump isn't destabilizing enough, there's growing concern that the situation in always-unpredictable North Korea could become even more unsafe if its young leader Kim Jong-un's risky actions against perceived enemies escalate internally, even undermining the very stability of his oppressive regime.

The older half brother of North Korea's ruler, Kim had spent most of the past 15 years living in China and Southeast Asia.

  • Leroy Wright