'Wonder Woman' Villain May Be Played by David Thewlis

Last month, it was revealed in a French magazine's Wonder Woman set visit report that the villain of the movie is Ares. According to recent reports, Thewlis' Ares for the movie will be shown on screen using computer-generated and practical effects.

So even if it's just Thewlis' voice and not that trademark sneer for the CGI character, I'm sure he'll play an equally convincing Ares.

We'll probably get our first look at Ares in action when the new Wonder Woman trailer drops. As far as first looks go, this toy is pretty detailed, providing us with a surprisingly strong portrayal at the God of War which looks like it was ripped straight out of the comic books. We don't know yet if this figure is to scale, but if it is, Ares will truly a God among men, standing at nearly double the size of Wonder Woman - just like the deities in Gods of Egypt. It seems like, yet again, the majority of Wonder Woman will involve Gal Gadot's Diana facing terrestrial threats, before a big CGI monster appears at the end for a climactic final battle. The film will be directed by Patty Jenkins and will be released June 2nd 2017.

Though Thewlis is best known for his role in the Harry Potter films as Professor Lupin, I remember him Dragonheart.

The latest film to have aspects of its plot and characters spoiled by toy companies showing off upcoming products is Wonder Woman.

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  • Salvatore Jensen