Where Will Your 'Not My Presidents Day' Rally Be Held?

Events will also take place in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and NY, among other large cities.

They are pushing back against President Donald Trump on the federal holiday, President's Day.

Around 13,000 Facebook users say they plan to join the noon protest Monday near Manhattan's Central Park.

-New York, where more than 12,000 have pledged to attend.

Several hundred people are expected to attend a "Not My Presidents Day" rally in Denver on Monday.

Other protesters staged marches and rallies in the up and coming days before President's Day. Other protests were held Sunday in Dallas, Los Angeles and NY. The President brought in roughly 9,000 people to an aircraft hangar in Melbourne.

The rally in Austin will begin at noon, on the south steps of the State Capitol. They add he's also trying to follow up on his campaign promise to build a wall along the Mexican border, a wall that no one wants, and using tax money to pay for it.

Since Trump moved into the White House, demonstrations against his administration's policies on immigration and other issues have become a regular, nearly weekly occurence in Chicago.

A few members of a militia group called the III% Security Force held signs and openly carried handguns and a few military-type rifles and shotguns, saying they were there to keep the peace and protect their second amendment right to bear arms.

Not My President's Day protests and rallies are meant to resist and defy Donald Trump's presidency and will occur throughout cities across the nation.

  • Leroy Wright