Trump attacks media at Florida rally yet again

While sources tell CNN that Trump feels cooped up in the White House and is itching to break out, Saturday's event could also be a way for Trump to reset his administration after a chaotic month where the President was forced to fire his national security adviser, struggled to roll out his executive order banning travel from seven majority-Muslim countries and strained to explain a growing story about how members of his 2016 campaign made repeated contact with Russian individuals known to USA intelligence. The meetings come as he seeks to refocus his struggling administration after weeks of tumult.

After reports that the CIA is withholding sensitive intelligence from the White House, Mr. Trump made a personal call to CIA Director Mike Pompeo and told him to stop the damaging leaks to the press. He also hinted he had a favorite. "I think his travel will reflect more speaking directly to the people than trips to meet with foreign leaders". The president also claimed that several founding fathers of the USA often railed against the press.

Yesterday (Saturday), US President Donald Trump spoke at his first rally, which took place in Melbourne, Florida, since entering office a month ago.

"I also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news", he said, accusing news outlets of writing false stories about him using made-up sources.

The president promised to repeal the health care law, build a border wall along the US-Mexico border, reduce regulations and create jobs. He also pledged to "do something over the next couple of days" to address the immigration order that has been blocked in the courts. However, he said that he would worry only if the guy tries to kiss him.

What's slightly different about Trump's planned rally, however, is that it will be funded Trump's 2020 White House campaign.

The president has reportedly been turned down by more than one candidate to replace Flynn.

Big rowdy rallies were the hallmark of Trump's winning presidential campaign.

Before the rally, reporters asked Trump whether it wasn't a tad bit early to be holding another campaign rally.

At one point Mr Trump broke security protocol by inviting a supporter to hop a barrier and join him onstage.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive for the "Make America Great Again Rally" at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne, Fla. On parting note, Trump said, " A new star is born", hinting about the supporter.

"I'm here because I want to be among my friends and among the people", Trump said. "They're fun and Trump's a hell of a showman".

Trump told the crowd that TV coverage had given just as much air time to the "tiny group of protestors" as it had to the many gathered supporters.

  • Zachary Reyes