President Trump holds campaign-like rally in Florida

"They are part of the corrupt system".

Time Magazine has called him the second most powerful man in the world, writing, "while other advisers have tried to change Trump, Bannon has urged him to step on the gas".

The Florida rally stood in stark contrast to the hard week Trump had in Washington.

"I want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news", Trump, 70, told thousands assembled at a hangar at the Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

Trump promoted the rally at Thursday's White House event.

Trump filed re-election paperwork with election officials just a few hours after he was sworn-in as president, allowing him to continue raising campaign funds. He does not have an opponent or even a field of Democrats yet vying to run for their party's presidential nomination.

He used a loud and muscular delivery - as on the campaign trail previous year - to assure Americans he is fulfilling promises to shrink government, rebuild the military, restrict immigration and tear up healthcare reforms enacted by his predecessor Barack Obama. Mr Trump's first choice to replace Flynn - retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward - turned down the offer.

The past week also saw a furore over national security adviser Michael Flynn's alleged ties with Russian Federation, culminating in his resignation from the post.

House Of Cards showrunner Beau Willimon - who's been running a one-man war against Donald Trump on Twitter - dug up a number of old tweets from Huber and they're pretty much exactly what you'd expect.

As the crowd cheered, Trump beckoned Huber to the stage and told Secret Service agents to let him up.

Asked if the rally was for the 2020 election, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders called it "a campaign rally for America".

He acknowledged that he is always in campaign mode.

Talk of Air Force One cost-saving? "He's making this country rich again, safe again and great again", Huber said. He added that "it's not easy, especially when we're also fighting the press and the media".

Lastly, Trump also promised more executive action and legislation to come (but only after referencing a non-existent terror attack in Sweden).

Saturday evening, President Donald Trump visited Florida for a rally with some of his biggest supporters, CNN reports. He acknowledged later that the move probably did not please the Secret Service.

What followed for Huber and his national spotlight has been a slew of negative attacks on social media, which he said he deletes without ever reading.

The president added, falsely, that the USA knows "nothing" about refugees and visa-holders it has admitted into the country and said that he would roll out a new executive order in the coming days in order to address the court's decision.

  • Leroy Wright