North Korea says will reject Malaysian post-mortem of Kim Jong Nam

The Guardian can not independently verify the people in the footage, although the location is certainly Kuala Lumpur International airport departures, where Malaysian police say the attack took place.

"We believe the North Korean regime is behind this incident, considering five suspects are North Koreans", said the spokesman at South Korea's Unification Ministry, Jeong Joon-hee, on Sunday.

"He felt dizzy, so he asked for help at the. counter of KLIA", Malaysian police official Fadzil Ahmat said.

An image published by a newspaper in Malaysia purportedly shows the final moments of Kim Jong-Un's half-brother, as a fourth suspect in the case has been arrested. Investigators say those four men flew out of Malaysia on the day of the poisoning.

Malaysian police are also looking at several other potential suspects, including North Korean citizen Ri Ji U.

North Korea has said it will reject Malaysia's post-mortem report and accused the country of "colluding with outside forces", a veiled reference to South Korea. North Korea will "respond strongly to the moves of the hostile forces toward us with their intent to besmirch the image of our republic, by politicizing this incident", explained North Korean Ambassador to Malaysia Kang Chol, who added that North Korea would sue Malaysia in global court.

Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, had spoken out publicly against his family's dynastic control of isolated, nuclear-armed North Korea.

Kim is believed to have been attacked in the airport departure hall on Monday by two women, using some form of chemical.

Kim's family members would be given a priority to claim the body, but so far no one had made such requests, Rashid added.

China Press said one of the two women, Doan Thi Huong, 28, who has a Vietnamese passport, told police that she met one of the men in Malaysia about three months ago for the first time.

However, North Korean officials say they will not recognise the results. "She was not aware that it was an assassination attempt".

Despite the North Koreans' objections, the autopsy was completed on Thursday night but the results have not yet been released.

Kim Jong Nam died last Monday after an apparent substance attack at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where he had been preparing to take a flight to Macau. "The two women don't seem to have received rigorous psychological and physical education and training in North Korea".

  • Leroy Wright