McCain at Security Summit: Trump White House Is in 'Disarray'

McCain expressed disappointment and concern for various corners of the present world order.

But McCain wasn't done yet.

McCain stepped in as the champion of the news media on Saturday, in the face of Trump's increasingly strident attacks on the free press, which he characterized as "the enemy of the American people" in a tweet Friday afternoon. McCain admitted that the relationship between the press and elected officials is often tense. He said having a free press was vital, reports The Blaze.

In another shot at Trump, John McCain said, "I refuse to accept that our values are morally equivalent to those of our adversaries".

Lawmakers of both parties routinely complain about news coverage, but defend a free press.

"This is something that you hear tin-pot dictators say when they want to control all of the information", said Representative Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, on ABC's This Week program. The Republican senator simply wanted to highlight that attacks on journalists are often a hallmark of authoritarian regimes. "But the fact is we need you, we need a free press".

US Senator John McCain told a conference in Europe that the recent resignation of US President Donald Trump's national security advisor indicated that the Trump team was in "disarray".

"Everything that he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute he's got running with President Trump, and it should be taken with a grain of salt, because John McCain's the guy who's advocated for war everywhere", he said.

"Not this year. If ever there were a time to treat this question with a deadly seriousness, it is now", he said in his remarks at the 2017 Munich Security Conference.

"They have a lot of trust in these individuals", McCain said. McCain addressed the Munich Security Conference on February 17, according to The Hill. And I tend to sympathize more with the president.

"There has never been political advisers as permanent members of the national security council", McCain said of Steve Bannon, who services as chief strategist to the president.

McCain spoke frankly about the people of the West embracing "old ties of blood and race and sectarianism", "hardening resentment" towards immigrants, displaying an "unwillingness to separate truth from lies", and flirting with and romanticizing authoritarianism, a system antithetical to the West.

President Trump has made no secret of his feelings about the media.

"Today, on behalf of President Trump, I bring you this assurance".

JOHN MCCAIN: I was certainly referring to the threats that we are now facing with the stated goals of this administration, which would upset the last 70 years of a new world order which was established after World War II. And I think the rollout of the "immigration reform" was an example of a need for an orderly decision-making process in the White House. And, Weigel adds, Trump thrives off of mainstream Republican opposition.

"These are unsafe times, but you should not count America out", said McCain to applause.

  • Leroy Wright