John Oliver Employs A Musical Method To Warn Trump About Putin

Concerns about President Trump's ties to Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation have been back in the limelight since Michael Flynn resigned as national security adviser.

When Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Munich and Brussels over the weekend, many foreign leaders were hoping he would provide them with some clarity on President Donald Trump's stance on various global issues.

Having gone in last week on Trump and America, Oliver re-aims to the other big political power in the news this week.

. While Trump can not yet be directly linked to Russian Federation, his noticeable "soft spot" for Putin and the country is more than a little disconcerting.

Last night, John Oliver unsurprisingly kicked things off with "President Trump: two words that will always sound unnatural together". Watch below as Oliver uses some shitty but catchy techno music to educate Trump on the dangers of Putin.

The song's lyrics included: "A man like Putin may seem like he's strong / But if you think back, know that you're wrong / A man like Putin sure has good luck / because journalists die and he's rich as f**k". "You've been objectively nicer to Vladimir Putin, than you have been to Meryl Streep". Oliver then vowed to stick up for America since Trump won't: "America and Russian Federation are not the f*cking same".

"It would also be nice if you could walk right up to a bear and hug it, that would be really, really nice but unfortunately it's not that f--ing easy" Oliver said.

  • Leroy Wright