Here Are All the Switch Game Sizes We Know So Far

The Nintendo Switch is just weeks away from launching, and as the date comes closer, details are slowly being revealed about the system and the games launching alongside it.

That said, the Nintendo switch as expected will tie all digital purchases to user accounts and will be independent of the hardware that was used to purchase the digital titles. These claims were backed up by a video demonstrating the console's menu system.

Most of these sizes seem pretty standard.

The news that a microSD card will be an essential and even necessary purchase for downloaders isn't all that surprising as we've known for a while now that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to have a fairly large file size of 13.4GB. The full thread is worth a read if you want to know more about what happened.

A 32 GB microSDXC costs around $19.99.

The Nintendo Switch's launch is locked in for next Friday - aren't you all excited?

Nintendo has said the Switch will support cards of up to 2 TB, but microSDXC cards of that size aren't available yet. The largest available microSDXC card is now 512 GB, and that'll cost you $200.

Nintendo previously had a reputation for refusing to publish video games with adult content, having famously removed the blood from Mortal Kombat on the Super Nintendo. But previous year, Rocket League's developer expressed an interest in innovating methods for cross platform multiplayer - bridging the online communities of each console into one.#9 Street Fighter - Early leaks suggest that 3rd party developers have been working on a classic arcade controller accessory, flawless for fighting games.

The Nintendo Switch is slated to launch March 3rd worldwide at a price point of £280 in the United Kingdom, $300 in the USA and 29,980 Yen ($260) and $399.99 Canadian.

  • Carolyn Briggs