Donald Glover To Play Simba In 'Lion King' Remake

There's now no release date set for The Lion King, but Glover will likely begin working on the project after he finishes filming on the upcoming, still-untitled Star Wars spinoff movie focusing on Han Solo.

After landing his dream role of Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff film, the star and creator of "Atlanta" is set to play the voice of Simba in Disney's remake of "The Lion King".

Director Jon Favreau announced on Twitter that Donald Glover will play Simba, sharing a picture of the actor along with the words "I just can't wait to be king".

Favreau's The Lion King will have some big names too. Favreau recently worked on the Oscar Nominated hit "The Jungle Book", using groundbreaking technology bring the story to photorealistic life.

Shortly after the statement regarding Glover being on board with the aforementioned project, Favreau also confirmed that the iconic James Earl Jones, who voiced Mufasa in the debut flick, will also be back to reprise his role. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the cast take shape and to see what direction the movie takes.

Disney's next live-action remake of one of its animated features just added its first two cast members, and one of them should be familiar to fans of the original film.

  • Salvatore Jensen