Bruce Springsteen Brings Teen Onstage To Play 'Growing Up'

An Australian teenager was lucky enough to get a rock and roll lesson from Bruce Springsteen - for the second time in his life.

The Boss honored one teenager's sign spotted in the audience during his February 16 show in Brisbane, Australia, that requested to play a song with the rock-and-roll star.

With The Boss now on tour Down Under, he spotted teenager Nathan Testa holding a sign saying that he could play 'Growing Up' on guitar. Well now, four years later, Springsteen has done the same thing again, with the same young fan.

"Missed school, in the s**t now, can I play "Growin" up" with you?' the sign read.

You might remember that back in 2013, when Bruce Springsteen was in the midst of another Aussie tour, he invited an 11 year old lad onstage with him to perform a song with him. Well come on up!' Springsteen exclaimed, and Nathan climbed on stage, fishing a guitar pick out of his pocket.

"So I go in front of the mirror trying out different poses". When I was your age, I got my first guitar.

The Boss then invited him up on stage to perform the song along with him and it soon became clear that the young man had plenty of musical chops. Testa took no time in hopping up on stage, where Springsteen's guitar tech gave him an acoustic guitar.

Nathan and Springsteen's full performance from Thursday can be seen on.

  • Salvatore Jensen