After Turbulent Week, Trump Holds Campaign Rally

At one point, the President broke security protocol by inviting a supporter, Mr Gene Huber, to hop a barrier and join him on stage and address the crowd during the rally.

When Griff Jenkins of Fox News asked him what he'd say to the president, Huber said: "I got here at 4 a.m., President Trump, for you...because I love our president". "I'm here because I want to be among my friends and among my people", Trump said today".

One day after delighting in a massive campaign-style rally, US President Donald Trump was turning back to the business of governing.

Huber said he supports Trump because the president speaks from the heart, which grabs his attention. "I wouldn't say Secret Service was thrilled with that. but we know our people", Trump said.

Trump also once again continued his attacks on the ninth circuit court of appeals, which suspended the travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim nations. "The people are fed up and we just want America to be great again".

First Lady Melania Trump, who has made very few public appearances since her husband was inaugurated last month, led the crowd with the Lord's Prayer, followed by a few words. "And I promise you, I will deliver". As part of the influx of immigrants from Syria, Sweden accepted 160,000 asylum seekers a year ago, but only 500 of them were able to find jobs, the report stated. I will do whatever I can so they don't get away with it. "If you were a bad student in high school, you can understand it", he said.

Trump's rhetoric often mirrors what he said for months in the run-up to Election Day, with familiar phrases like "we don't win anymore" and "drain the swamp".

Big, raucous rallies were a staple during Trump's campaign and he held several smaller events during the transition, which he dubbed his "thank you" tour. I got here at four in the morning, so I got a lot of interviews from news people. Trump filed re-election papers with the Federal Election Commission five hours after he was sworn in as president on January 20.

Trump largely ignored retail politicking during the campaign, preferring to take his message before boisterous rallies that saw extensive television media coverage.

"I will always stay true to myself and be truthful to you, no matter what the opposition is saying about me", she said.

Former campaign aides said before the that they were not surprised Trump was getting back on the road so early in his first term, in part because it was what fueled him for months on the campaign trail. The filing allows Trump's campaign to solicit donations and raise money for a possible 2020 bid for re-election.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer says that Trump will interview his acting adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, as well as the former USA ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton.

"Let him up, let him up ― I'm not anxious about him".

  • Leroy Wright