Star Wars announces 'Force Friday II' in advance of The Last Jedi

It will be the first chance for fans to buy toys, collectibles, books, apparel and more from "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". So we now know: Luke must not be the last, as explained by IGN.

It's no surprise that Lucasfilm is building a huge event for The Last Jedi: toys have always been a big part of the success of the Star Wars franchise. Because the phrase "The Last Jedi" is plural in both.

Or did Jedi mean more than just one person. Also, the word "last" in the title implies that Luke and Rey will be the last of their kind - will this sequel trilogy really culminate in the destruction of the Jedi way of life?

It's not impossible that the translated titles made their own decision whether to go with singular or plural meanings, although the fact that everyone went with plural would suggest there was at least some guidance offered by filmmakers.

But the larger, more interesting implication is that it could mean there are Jedi beyond these two. With the title of the eighth part of the film called "The Last Jedi", the fans wonder if the ninth one will be called "Return of Jedi 2".

With that, then, it seems that "Jedi" in the instance of this title is plural, referring to at least two - and that's nearly certainly Luke and Rey. "English allows for ambiguity where other languages don't", Kory Stamper said, "If "Jedi" is neuter (der), then the singular title would be "Der Letzter Jedi.' So yeah, that title as given is totally plural". And after the event's massive success, Lucasfilm is bringing it back to ring in the merchandise for The Last Jedi.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi", written and directed by Rian Johnson, is set for release on December 15.

In the films, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda were the only known Jedi that survived the infamous "Order 66" that killed off all of the Jedi, leaving only Luke Skywalker. It might not look like much to most people, but for Star Wars fans, the empty box provides a first look at Rey, Finn and Poe as they'll appear in The Last Jedi.

  • Salvatore Jensen