NZ and Australia to work together to salvage TPP - English

He and wife Lucy arrived in Queenstown this morning to be met by English and his wife Mary English.

Their joint discussions touched on trade, including an agreement to work together on a Trans Pacific Partnership alternative following the USA withdrawal.

"The annual meeting is an opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion and is a reflection of the closeness of trans-Tasman ties", Mr English says.

"We recognise today that both our countries can do better still by selling to more than 800 million people who live in the 11 TPP countries".

The Prime Ministers also discussed the current global security environment and reiterated their commitment to working together to respond to regional and worldwide challenges.

Speaking at a media conference this afternoon, Mr English said New Zealand and Australia were to work together to engage with other Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) members to take the stalled deal forward.

Australia's treatment of New Zealanders living in Australia has been a bone of contention, because it has denied those working there without citizenship the same access to welfare as its own citizens. Turnbull acknowledged it was the 100th Anniversary of numerous main World War I battles and said small communities such as Arrowtown had suffered.

In addition, some backbenchers argue that Australia's banks, whose profits are heavily geared to real estate and the domestic economy, are largely insulated from the kinds of global economic shocks which can seriously harm other industries.

Obviously we are very very sad, as you are, from the death of the helicopter pilot who had served in Afghanistan.

English said Australia was New Zealand's closest security partner and the friendship was never closer than in times of need.

"The Anzac tradition of mateship, solidarity and selflessness is part of our DNA", he said.

English also thanked Turnbull for Australia's offer of support for those fighting the fires on the Port Hills in Christchurch. He was doing what he was doing in Afghanistan: "selflessly serving, courageously serving his country", he said.

The leaders and their wives ended the day taking a water taxi across Lake Wakatipu to a private dinner.

Asked whether they could be exempt, Mr Turnbull on Saturday said the rate really had to apply across all corporations.

  • Zachary Reyes