Local immigrants take day off in protest

People throughout Austin have chose to stay home today to show the state a "day without immigrants". "They not only gave me a heads-up about the strike, but did double the work yesterday, so we would be in good shape today".

They also left him a note, which he posted on the restaurant's Twitter account.

That means not going to work and not buying or selling products.

"We're a very small business, and without them we would not be able to open today", he said.

"Not at any moment did I think of closing my business", Fransico Brizeno said.

Carr said he's "holding down the fort" by also washing dishes and preparing food. It was one of several businesses in the area with workers participating in the Day Without Immigrants protests. Owners Angel and Yolanda Vargas said it was important they took a stand.

"Grocery stores, meat markets, doctors, lawyers- every single business is hurt", he said.

For now, she said she's happy the protests shed light on an important part of the area's population. "We needed something just to show the importance of the contributions that immigrants make to Chapel Hill". That's why 2 Peoria businesses made a decision to close up shop for the day.

While a wide array of businesses feel the impact of losing immigrant workers for a day, the restaurant industry would be crippled without them. "We've got a great team of workers, immigrants who have been here for years".

They are calling the initiative: "Art-Less".

One of the main works missing is the portrait of George Washington. And the city Department of Immigrant Affairs tweeted that immigrant New Yorkers make up almost half of the city's workforce and account for a third of total earnings.

  • Zachary Reyes