IRS Tax Refunds Coming Week of February 27

Assuming there are no issues with processing your return, you'll likely see your refund the week of February 27. According to the IRS, Tuesday, February 21, the day following Presidents Day, is typically the busiest day of the year for IRS telephone lines.

For information on what documents and information to bring, go to the Internal Revenue Service website at and search "Free Tax Return Preparation for You by Volunteers".

The filing season started later this year - on January 23. " provides the most up-to-date information".

These refunds likely won't arrive in bank accounts or on debit cards until the week of February 27. It takes approximately two weeks from the moment you file your return - if it is after the aforementioned dates - until the moment you receive your refund.

This gives the IRS more time to detect phony returns and keep refunds out of scammers' hands.

Users who access "Where's My Refund?" must have information from their current, pending tax return to access their refund information. If you need help filing your 2016 taxes Norwalk Community College volunteers will walk you through your return and help determine if you qualify for a refund or tax credits.

The IRS and its private-sector partners who offer their brand-name software products for free now support a new design that allows for the use of desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Online fillable forms provide electronic versions of IRS paper forms to all taxpayers regardless of income that can be prepared and filed by people comfortable with completing their own returns.

A trusted tax professional can also provide helpful information and advice about the ever-changing tax code.

  • Zachary Reyes