When Did Trump Know About Michael Flynn's Russia Contacts?

Media captionIs losing top job in 24 days a record?

Sanctions: Obama sanctioned Russian Federation for interfering in the election.

At the news briefing on Tuesday, Mr Spicer explained why the president had asked Mr Flynn for his resignation, saying there was an "evolving and eroding level of trust".

Given the broader climate of policy stumbles, institutional resistance, and that never-ending stream of leaks undermining the reputation of Mr. Trump's office, "Flynn-gate" raises existential question for his term in office. Several others have demanded that the administration pull Flynn's security clearance, at least until the matter is resolved.

Mr Flynn resigned over allegations he discussed U.S. sanctions with a Russian envoy before Donald Trump took office.

He stood down over allegations he discussed USA sanctions with a Russian envoy before Mr Trump took office.

Ed Schultz: It is important to point out that President Obama was a sitting U.S. senator, who was on foreign relations at that time and that gave candidate Obama an opportunity and basically a cover to go out and circumvent the Logan Law and have contact with foreign leaders to his campaign's advantage.

The retired army lieutenant-general initially denied having discussed sanctions with Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, and Vice-President Mike Pence publicly denied the allegations on his behalf.

Top White House officials have been reviewing Flynn's contacts with the Russians and whether he discussed the possibility of lifting USA sanctions on Russia once Trump took office.

Mr Flynn had promised Russia Mr Trump would lift sanctions when in power - before he was inaugurated - according to law enforcement sources.

Even as the president consider's Flynn's fate, he was continuing his duties, Spicer said, including discussions with the president over the weekend about North Korea's test of a ballistic missile and preparations for White House visits this week by foreign leaders. But the trust had gone.

Trump, McCain said, must "fix those centers of influence in the White House that lead to a degree of disarray and disorganization the likes of which we have never seen". Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., called Flynn's resignation "a troubling indication of the dysfunction of the current national security apparatus".

Conway said Flynn had spoken twice to Pence about the incident on Friday, including once in person.

He said he was concerned that the apparently classified information had been leaked. Most NSC appointments made to date included people close to Flynn, she noted.

Flynn resigned as national security adviser on Tuesday and leading members of the Republican Party have joined calls for a wide investigation into his links with Russian Federation.

The Republican leadership of the House Intelligence Committee wants the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do an assessment of recent media leaks that have revealed details of sensitive discussions involving key Trump administration officials.

Asked how the Vice-President could be kept in the dark about the Flynn controversy for so long, two White House officials said it was a result of the muddled and uncertain way events unfolded rather than an intentional desire to keep him out of the loop.

Meanwhile, disappointment in House Speaker Paul Ryan's lack of leadership continues to grow. "They also include, as you've mentioned, the possibility of new executive actions created to prevent terrorist infiltration of our country", Miller said during an interview with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian Federation would not be commenting on the resignation.

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