Unlocking the McLaren 720S is a ticket to the red light district

McLaren also developed a new exhaust system, which is supposed to sound crisper than the current cars.

Ahead of the Geneva motor show, McLaren revealed some details about the next generation of McLaren Super Series cars.

The the next vehicle in McLaren's Super Series lineup, widely believed to be named the 720S, will be powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. The Macca hit 60 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds, did the quarter mile in 10.4, and ran to 120 miles per hour in eight seconds flat.

According to the Woking-based firm, its new supercar, codenamed internally as the P14, will hit 200km/h, from standstill, in just 7.8 seconds and reach the traditional quarter mile (402 metres) in 10.3 secs.

To put that into perspective, a Hellcat on drag radials can only do 11.4 seconds in the quarter.

Teased Mc Laren 720S air vent
That’s 0.6sec quicker to the double ton than the 650S – its current entry-level variant into the Super Series – and 0.2sec better over the quarter mile

The M840T also gets a pair of "ultra-low inertia" twin-scroll turbochargers to kill lag and speed up throttle response, and the top of the unit will be illuminated when the auto is unlocked.

For those looking to show off the new engine, customers will be able to spec their new Super Series supercar with an optional engine bay illumination package that lights up the engine bay when you unlock the auto.

With a new exhaust system said to be "among the most emotive of any McLaren", throttle response, torque, and power are all claimed to have improved along with fuel efficiency and emissions. Official horsepower figures have not yet been released, but we would guess it would be around 700 or so, since McLaren has a history of keeping its model names somewhat in line with power output.

The new engine gets an optional cast-aluminium air intake plenum with McLaren Speedmark logo. An optional sports exhaust will also be offered, and to highlight the engine, the engine bay will light up when the auto is unlocked.

The second-generation Super Series will get an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre structure.

  • Arturo Norris