Trump Approves Federal Emergency Funding for Oroville Dam

Authorities ordered mass evacuations on Sunday for everyone living below the lake out of concern that the spillway could fail and send a 30ft wall of water downstream. The water levels dropped to a safe level after crews and helicopters placed sandbags, rocks and cement blocks around the damaged parts of the spillway. As it flowed down the hillside, the water moving over the emergency spillway had eroded the earth beneath the berm, creating a hole that engineers have been frantically filling with heavy rocks for two days.

When state inspectors visited the dam in August, they wrote "conditions appeared to be normal" in the concrete spillway, according to inspection reports the water resources department released.

Oroville police said their department had a plan in place after the evacuation was ordered to facilitate the potential of a high volume of vehicles on the roadways. "This was a new, never-having-happened-before event".

Oroville police said there were some isolated incidents of crime in the community during the evacuation order. Now, many prepare to return home after authorities lifted their most recent evacuation order.

Kelly said he believes the inmates will be transferred back to Butte County "in a matter of several days". The mostly flat northern Central Valley is known mainly for its sprawling agriculture industry, which is fed by dammed-up rivers that spill down from the Sierra Nevada foothills nearby.

The earth-filled dam is just upstream and east of Oroville, a town of about 16,000 people.

Bu, Mr Richard Lawson and his wife from Oroville said that they were not rushing home. They didn't bother trying to fuel up because lines were hours long at gas pumps.

Some people refused to leave their homes, and others began returning on Monday to the largely deserted communities. "I just got nervous and chose to hunker down".

Honea said that the almost 200,000 residents allowed to return home should use the time this week before the next set of storms to fully prepare in case another evaluation is needed. The rain and snow are expected to last for a week. Boyd, who was recently deployed to MS, will be a shelter manager. State water officials said they have drained enough of the lake behind Oroville Dam so that its earthen emergency spillway will not be needed to handle runoff from an approaching storm that is expected to bring rain later in the week.

  • Leroy Wright