SC woman found chained in shipping container to appear on Dr. Phil

A woman who was discovered chained up in a container in SC has spoken out about her two-month ordeal on the US TV show Dr. Phil.

"This is just nonsense - that somebody could be that cold-hearted to do that to a human being", he said.

Kala Brown, who was discovered by police in November on the property of 45-year-old Todd Kohlhepp, spoke to Philip McGraw in a series of episodes that are to be aired this week. One such job turned ugly quickly, Brown said. She also recalled the day of the alleged attack, when she says Carver was fatally shot.

A woman held captive in a shipping container for two months after witnessing her boyfriend's murder has made a defiant vow not to let her kidnapper ruin her life.

Brown told McGraw that she met Kohlhepp after she posted on Facebook that she was looking for work.

The Associated Press normally does not identify victims of sexual assault but is naming Brown after she publicly identified herself. "The only thing we can do is find justice for him".

"Kohlhepp planned to keep brown indefinitely".

"He. told me that it would kick in and we would be happy together", Brown said.

Kala states that Kohlhepp revealed that he had kept another woman in the container before her, saying, "Just that he held her, and that he was going to keep her there, and at some point she pissed him off and he killed her".

In the first of a two-part interview today on "Dr. Phil" she describes how she was kidnapped, locked in a metal storage container and chained by the neck. The chain had a mere three feet of slack, she said. "It was pitch black, but he had a flashlight and he had a lot of shelving with like dried food and rations and stuff and like lots of bottled water, ' Brown said". He tried to crush me but I'm not broken'. "And then he raped me".

"If Charlie couldn't make somebody smile, his day wasn't complete", Brown said during an interview for the "Dr. Phil" show.

Dr. Phil asked Kala if Todd Kohlhepp had talked about his other victims.

Kohlhepp bet on Stockholm Syndrome.

She said Kohlhepp later explained the real reason he wanted Charlie to accompany her. As it grew colder, her wardrobe expanded to include yoga trousers and sweats. He would take her to a two-story garage on the property and would allow her to eat and sometimes use the toilet.

Kohlhepp certainly had no intention of letting Brown go voluntarily. He told her he was going to build a house on the property, and she would spend her days in a soundproof room, Brown said.

Brown has since spoken out about her ordeal on the Dr Phil show.

Kohlhepp opened up to Brown.

"All I remember is it felt like a weight had been lifted", she said, "and I was crying and they were holding me, and the sheriff prayed with me". That fact made her courageous, she said.

"He seemed infatuated. I don't think he wanted to kill me", Brown said.

Brown was occasionally taken out of the storage unit.

Brown told McGraw that Kohlhepp took her in the garage, put her on the ground, handcuffed her hands and ankles and put a gag in her mouth. It began a almost two-month period of captivity for her.

The interview with McGraw was Brown's first public appearance and statements since she was found on November 3, 2016. He never talked about them like they were people.

If Kohlhepp had his way, Brown would still be there.

When contacted by the Independent Mail, a spokesman for Brown said she was not available for comment Monday.

She recalled the moment she was free on Dr. Phil. She said he shot Carver on August 31 in front of her.

Despite losing Carver and going through that life-altering experience, Brown is committed to overcoming the nightmare.

'I'll recover from this. "I was just there and I was free and I was just ready to get off that property".

  • Larry Hoffman