NJ restaurants preparing for immigrant protest

Immigration rights advocates in Wisconsin attracted thousands of activists for a "Day Without Latinos" protest Monday in Milwaukee's predominantly Hispanic South Side.

Spanish immigrant chef Jose Andres, who has a long-time feud with President Donald Trump, announced Tuesday that his D.C. -area restaurants will shut down Thursday to protest new Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids capturing illegals. In New Jersey, the mayor of Perth Amboy put out a notice warning residents that many local businesses will be closed in participation of the protest.

Many in the restaurant industry hope this sends the message loud and clear to President Trump that this country will struggle to function without the work of immigrants.

The celebrity chef said he made a decision to close after a few hundred of his employees told him they weren't coming to work Thursday.

The "Day Without Immigrants" strike, which began as a call to action on social media and has no apparent central organizer, urges immigrants of all backgrounds to close their businesses, stay home from work, spend no money and keep their children out of school for the day in an effort to show the economic role they play in the nation. "It's a tough situation because we also want enough staff in our restaurants".

Andrés, who emigrated from Spain in 1991 and is now a USA citizen, broke a contract he had with the Trump International Hotel in Washington to open a restaurant after Trump made comments about Mexicans in 2015. "I support it because I think it's necessary that we do things to resist the kinds of changes brought upon us by the Trump administration", Jacobs said.

Halvorsen said one restaurant in Monmouth County is giving its immigrant workers a paid day off so they can participate in what is being called "A Day Without Immigrants". Trump's directive temporarily halted immigration from seven countries with a terror presence and halted America's refugee program until stricter background checks can be implemented.

Restaurants that do stay open will look and feel a little different on Thursday because not only will there likely be a shortage of workers, but the supply chain will also be impacted.

All six locations of Busboys and Poets will be closed, along with Jaleo, Oyamel and Zaytinya.

  • Larry Hoffman