Justin Bieber named as suspect in Cleveland assault report

Last June, Justin Bieber got into a brawl with another man outside a hotel after attending a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game.

The report was filed by Rodney Cannon, 34, of Las Vegas who claims the incident with Bieber happened inside the lobby of the Westin Hotel in Cleveland back in June 2016. As you can see from the video, it did not go well for Bieber and the man was swarmed by the pop star's crew. The unnamed man claims that the fight kicked off after Bieber took his sunglasses. The Grammy victor told the alleged victim to delete the photos, but Cannon said he would do so once he got his glasses back. Cannon responded that he would delete the pictures if Bieber returned his sunglasses. The two men then wrestled for control of the phone. He says in the report that Bieber and possibly a bodyguard then punched him. Bieber damaged Cannon's phone, police reports say.

Cannon states that he was diagnosed with an acute head injury and a possible concussion by Spring Valley Hospital in Nevada. Someone filmed the incident and TMZ published the film afterward.

Law-enforcement sources told TMZ that no charges have been filed at this time.

  • Salvatore Jensen