Joy Villa's "MAGA" Dress at the Grammys Paid Off

The "Make America Great Again" dress of singer/songwriter Joy Villa that she wore during the Grammy Awards night left the leftist fuming mad and sending her death threats on social media.

Villa was pulled up for having "feminist" in her Twitter bio by liberals, given Trump's prior remarks about women, while conservatives flocked to buy her music on iTunes - something she was keen to tweet about.

While camera's flashed, the 25-year-old tore off the gown to reveal the outfit in honor of President Trump featuring his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" on the front and "Trump" printed across the back.

My husband is a contractor, and we went to Home Depot and I saw that fabric. "You either stand up for what you believe or fall for what you don't".

Soriano, who also designed the orange "fence" dress Villa wore to the 2015 Grammys, echoed the singer's views in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

Just moments before walking the red carpet, Villa took to Instagram, writing, "My whole artistic platform is about love". We only live once, and we need to promote love. I've never been in the political arena.

At its best, art - especially music - can help people of all kinds, of all income levels, of all backgrounds, come together and forget identity politics.

Joy Villa's album "I Make The Static" jumped from number 543,589 to number 1 on Amazon following her Grammy appearance. Soriano is a Filipino immigrant who is now a naturalized American citizen and is a member of the LGBT community. "Your support and love have changed the nation's dialogue from one of hate to that of love and acceptance". As the United States of America for the world they look at us and if we're divided, it doesn't paint a good picture.

  • Salvatore Jensen