Here's What Warren Buffett Is Buying and Selling -- Should You Join Him?

Its Class A shares closed on Tuesday up $2,078.95 at $250,419, a record high closing price and less than 0.2 percentage points below its all-time high on December 14.

The company increased its stake in Delta Air Lines by 848% to 60 million shares worth $2.95 billion. Apple shares have climbed 38 percent since then.

Berkshire may not have justified Buffett's bargain-hunting reputation in its Apple stock buying, but the investment sure was well timed.

This week he did indeed add another 15 million shares. Will Buffett's new picks follow the same suit and give awesome returns as his other picks in the past or this time around he has made a mistake remains to be seen. After all, he first started buying Apple's stock when it was south of $100 and for an investor that's known for not trying to time the market, he's doing just fine. That marked the third straight day this week of record-high closes for Apple's shares.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and company watchers expect big things when Apple unveils the latest version of the mobile device. "It's quite possible that Warren woke up and began to understand the virtues of Apple that he had been neglecting or, like with Precision Castparts, Todd or Ted had an affinity for Apple that sparked interest from Warren". It was not only Apple that he bit on, he was also bullish on the stocks of four biggest airlines of the United States and increased his holding in them almost seven times.

Most believe the initial investment by Berkshire in Apple was by Weschler or Combs.

Buffett told talk show host Charlie Rose in an interview last month that it was "in large part" his decision to dive back into airlines.

Monsanto and Sirius did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

At $135, Apple shares are much pricier today than they were when Berkshire was amassing its stake.

  • Carolyn Briggs